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Mission of Hope in Rio Grande do Sul: Pilot's Logbook, Jacob Anderson and Victor Scarparo

The Beginning of the Mission

Before dawn, Jacob Anderson and Victor Scarparo took off from Anápolis, Goiás, to Franca, São Paulo, to collect 400 kg of essential supplies. Determined to help the flood-ravaged Rio Grande do Sul, the Asas de Socorro pilots faced numerous challenges on their journey.

Challenges in Jundiaí

After departing Franca, bad weather closed the São Paulo airport, forcing the duo to divert to Jundiaí. There, they faced difficulties presenting a new flight plan, necessary to detail the route and ensure flight safety. During the process, they were informed by the airport administration about a load of hospital donations and asked if they could transport it.

Divine Intervention

The healthcare professional on board, upon seeing the medicines, was astonished, explaining that they were of extreme importance, and were being sent to a specific person. After loading the box onto the plane, the flight plan was approved immediately. It was clear that God was guiding the mission.

First Mission

In Novo Hamburgo, Jacob and Victor were tasked with transporting a critically injured patient to Passo Fundo. The aerial view was devastating: submerged neighborhoods and collapsed lives. At that moment, the magnitude of the tragedy and the importance of the mission became clear.

Second Day of Mission

They reloaded the aircraft with medications and food and took off for Santa Catarina to transport a patient. From there, they headed to Pelotas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, taking vital supplies to a mother and her son who had lost everything. However, bad weather in Pelotas forced the duo to divert to Santa Maria, where they unloaded the cargo for other people in need.

The Weather and Faith

Currently, the sky over Rio Grande do Sul is filled with clouds. The incessant rains complicate plans, but Jacob and Victor's faith remains unwavering. They do not know if they will be able to take off tomorrow, but they fully trust in the Lord.

| Prayer Requests

  1. For flight safety and protection for the missionaries.

  2. For the recovery of flood victims.

  3. For God to raise up more people to help with the missionary work.

  4. For new partnerships and continued support for our ministry.

In every challenge, Jacob and Victor see God's hand guiding their path. His protection and provision are evident. They trust that even in adversity, God is present, taking care of every detail.

Pray for strength, resilience, and better days for all those affected.

| Contribute to the Emergency Fund

To continue saving lives and providing relief to communities in crisis, we need your support. Contribute to the Asas de Socorro Emergency Fund and help ensure that we can continue our missions of rescue and assistance when times of crises come. Your donation makes a difference!


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