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missionary pilots and mechanics in relief wings

Do you have a missionary calling and want to join us on this journey?

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If you have a mission calling and want to join us on this journey, here is some information and areas in which you can serve:


  • Administrative Area (Accounting, Finance, People Management, Assets and Information Technology);

  • Communication and Fundraising (Marketing, Writing, Journalism and Publishing, Advertising and Propaganda, Filming and Photography, Events and Conferences);

  • Aviation School (Instruction);

  • Aeronautical Workshop (Mechanics);

  • Operations (Mission Flights).


Regardless of the work to be performed, all missionaries in our organization serve voluntarily and must meet the following requirements:


  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Have basic theological training (minimum of 32 credits | 544 class hours).

  • Be an active member of a recognized evangelical church.

  • Be sent and supported by your Church and partner Churches.

  • If foreign, have all specific documentation and legal authorizations for living in Brazil.


If your interest is to serve aspilot ormechanic, it is important to be aware of the specific requirements and considerations for each role.


a) For those who are already aeronautical pilots:

To be an Asas de Socorro pilot, you must have completed the Private Airplane Pilot (PP-A) and Commercial Airplane Pilot (PC-A) courses, as well as having at least 400 hours of flight time. If you are interested in working as a teacher, you must also complete the Airplane Flight Instructor course (INVA). Furthermore, it is essential to undergo standardization in accordance with Asas de Socorro guidelines.


b) For those who are already aeronautical mechanics:

If you are already an aeronautical mechanic, you must have completed all modules of the Aeronautical Mechanics and Maintenance Course and have the Technical Qualification Certificate (CHT) required by ANAC.


c) For those who wish to become pilots:

You can be a Wings of Relief missionary and an Aviation School student at the same time, it is possible to follow this path to become a pilot. After completing all necessary training, you will be directed to the base where you will work. If you wish to apply as a pilot, it is preferable to be up to 35 years of age, but those older will also be considered by the admission and technical evaluation committee.


d) For those who wish to become mechanics:

Asas de Socorro no longer offers the Aeronautical Mechanics and Maintenance course, but it is still possible to be a missionary while studying at another school. During the week, you will work as a mechanic's assistant at the Asas de Socorro hangar in Anápolis-GO. Once you are properly qualified, you will be able to take on more responsibilities and continue to serve in the ministry.


For further clarification, please contact the Human Resources Department by

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