Model: Cessna T210R

How many: One 

Passengers: 6
Speed: 200 mph
Payload: 1550 lbs
Range: 1200 miles

Notes: Based in the middle of this vast country. We use this fast, sleek, turbocharged airplane for long-range transport from the well-developed central region of Brazil to areas where there are no roads.

Model: Cessna 206 landplane

How many: Three 

Passengers: 5
Speed: 150 mph
Payload: 1600 lbs
Range: 1200 miles

Notes: The main workhorse for mission aviation. this rugged aircraft can carry a big load and land on short, rough jungle airstrips with ease.

Model: Cessna 206 floatplane

How many: One

Passengers: 5
Speed: 120 mph
Payload: 1100 lbs
Range: 700 miles

Notes: The fact that this aircraft can land on the water allows us access to the thousands of comunities on the hundreds and hundreds of rivers that drain the Amazon basin.