From Partners in the Amazon

From Partners in the Amazon

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Here in Brazil, the COVID-19 virus arrived in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro first. It soon made its way to Manaus, and by the following week all of our workers were moved out of their village locations to one of our base towns around the Amazon basin.

The pandemic moved from the big cities, up the rivers and tributaries to the small towns and eventually further up and into the indigenous areas. And once more the Lord has blessed. We were all GREATLY concerned how indigenous peoples would react to this virus. We are thrilled to report that though it has passed through many of the villages we work with, and most everyone got sick, there were VERY few deaths. We are thanking the Lord for His protective hand over many of the people groups. Now, we are waiting to see when it will be safe to have workers move back in.

Along with the reports coming out from the villages of how the virus was passing through we also were hearing encouraging reports of how believers were doing. In a number of villages we heard of a renewed interest in hearing God’s Word taught. In another community the body of believers had gotten together and gathered produce from their village fields to feed hungry people in the nearest town. The Lord is building His church in dark and difficult times.

From Partners in Roraima

God continues to show goodness to the north Amazon team with regard to the corona crisis. Most of those on base waiting for the opportunity to return to their jungle posts have been exposed and have had mild symptoms or even no signs of illness. Tests show that antibodies are developing.

God has also answered prayer about the aviation gasoline problem. Small planes were able to resume flying out of Boa Vista about a week ago. The mission plane did a flight on Monday and more are planned over the next several weeks.

So far the only confirmed COVID cases we have heard about among the indigenous people from where we live have been individuals here in town. Those at another community say that they have had a number of cases there, including quite a few of the older generation, but word is they are recovering.