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Bring the love of Christ to the ends of the Earth with our wings.

Since 1955, we've been flying and navigating through the Amazon rainforest.


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Why do missions?

Doing missions means answering Jesus' call to spread His love to every corner of the world.


Every action at Asas de Socorro is an investment in the gospel, giving wings to our mission, reaching out to thirsty hearts and remote places.

Your participation is a chance to share Christ's redeeming message, transforming lives and bringing hope where it's needed most.

Join us in this mission of love and compassion, being part of a movement that impacts souls and transcends borders, bringing the light of the gospel to every person in need.

Doing Missions:



Transcultural Missions

Transcultural Missions are bridges of love and understanding that connect different cultures and languages. At Asas de Socorro, we support projects like Bible translation and missionary work development, breaking barriers to make the message of salvation accessible to all people.


Evangelical Missions

Evangelical Missions at Asas de Socorro go beyond preaching the gospel. We extend a hand of solidarity, promoting social, educational, and health projects. Our aim is to not only talk about God's love but to show it through caring actions.


Missionary Aviation

Missionary Aviation is the link that brings hope to unreachable places. We fly to connect distant hearts, transporting missionaries, supplies, and resources. At Asas de Socorro, aviation is our wing to deliver aid and transformation to remote areas of the Amazon.

"Being in a remote location, continuing our ministry without Asas de Socorro would be unfeasible. The pilots are more than just pilots; they are our friends."

Hope Rodrigues, Missionary


Join the mission: Bring love and hope to the ends of the Earth with Asas de Socorro.

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