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I The Project

Asas de Socorro brings hope to the most remote areas of Brazil.

Through aerial support to missionaries and the development of short and long-term socio-environmental projects in riverside communities of the Amazon.

I Flights of Hope

Since 1955, we've flown and navegated across the Amazon's interior. We carry love in the form of people.

We fly and navegate to bring those who care and to reach those in need of support and assistance.


We are a team of missionaries, volunteers, and supporters working for those who live in the most remote areas, providing help, words of eternal life, transformation, education, and health.

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We take missionaries and volunteers to the most remote places.

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I Aviation

Aviation Training Center
Asas de Socorro

We train pilots and aeronautical mechanics. Our aviation school educates professionals dedicated to missionary work within the Amazon's interior.

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We develop short and long-term socio-environmental, educational, and healthcare projects in riverside communities within the Amazon's interior.

We conduct social assistance actions with a multidisciplinary team. We operate in extremely isolated communities, reaching them with our airplanes, as well as in other nearby riverside communities, accessing them by boats.

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I Join Us

Come on a mission with us. Loving and serving others does a lot of good!

We develop social assistance initiatives in communities within the Amazon's interior, with missionaries and volunteer collaborators in social assistance, health, education, and the environment.

Social Programs


Missionary Flights


Clean Water Project

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Missionary Trips

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I Quality

We've earned the Doar seal, certifying the transparency and quality of our work.

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Latest News

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Asas de Socorro is a Christian missionary organization. A non-profit entity, dedicated to charitable, philanthropic, cultural, educational, religious, social assistance, and human rights purposes. It develops cultural, educational, and health programs, especially in regions lacking transportation and communication infrastructure. We provide logistical support for assistance programs in remote areas.

Bank Accounts

Ag: 0240 CC: 55508-8

Bank of Brazil:  
Ag: 3005-8 CC: 55263-1

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