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Newsletter | Remaining in God's Love


  • 1.297 passengers transported

  • 81.895 tons of cargo delivered

  • 63 different destinations

Thank you very much for your support, prayers and for being with us on the missionary journey.

God has been very gracious to us, delivered us from all evil and allowed us to continue to serve Him, through Missionary Aviation, the clinic boat, the projects in the riverside communities and the day to day, sharing His word and love.

Another year begins and we praise the Lord of the Harvest, crying out for His name, and remembering the blessings of the year that passed.

Blessings and Testimony

At the end of October, and in the first days of November, at our base in Manaus, the Puraquê Mission was held. During the action, several health services were provided for the community: Dentistry, Psychiatry and Medical Clinic.

There was also an intense work in the schools of the Puraquequara neighborhood - guidance on oral health and workshops of biblical stories for children.

On all days of activity of the Puraquê Mission, devotionals were held in the morning, services at night, programs for young people and children, and home visits with health professionals and evangelism. It was a time of many blessings shared with the community and the team of volunteers.

Here, in this first Good News bulletin of the year, we would like to share a testimony that delights us, reported by missionary Rosirene Beeh, about a visit made to the house of a resident of the community - during the days of the mission, at our base in Manaus.

The look of Christ, in the look of the other

"In our many visits, we visited a couple, whose husband served as a pastor for many years, and has been bedridden for some years, due to a fall from the roof that made him lose the movements of the body, including speech. Without being able to talk, exchange words, the eyes became the only possibility of communication.

During our visit, while we sang some hymns, I fixed my eyes on his eyes. To my surprise, I was met by the look of Christ, of the suffering Christ, man of sorrows who knows the deepest suffering. It was Christ visiting us, warming and comforting our hearts. Visitors and visited were embraced by Christ.

Mysteries of suffering that unites us to Christ and to each other, reminding us that pain and suffering do not have the last word. Jesus truly rose. He lives and has in his hands the keys of death and hell.

We are not at the mercy of an ungoverned world, but we are safe in the arms of Christ, our hope and consolation."


Another year begins and we will walk in it, always remembering that we are safe in the hands of Christ. Hallelujah!

In the look of the other, we find Christ. In the look of the other, we can share and receive God’s love.

Let’s continue, it’s worth it! Thank you for being with us. Let’s go ahead. The Kingdom of God and his service is surprising, and the meaning of human existence.


  • 1.297 passengers transported by airplanes

  • 81.895 tons of cargo carried by airplanes

  • 63 different destinations through airplanes

  • 14 communities reached in 3 municipalities

  • 2.121 medical visits (86 were surgeries)

  • 1.933 dental visits

  • 911 nursing and other visits

  • 24.000 basic food baskets delivered


We are prepared for the restoration of one of our aircraft, the PT-LOO. Thank God, the parts have arrived. God is good! A new year begins and we have many challenges and work ahead.

Now, we will start the work of this restoration and, for us, the separation of the new parts for the PT-LOO aircraft is more than just a simple maintenance issue, it is actually an important tool to continue with the missionary work. In each restored component, we glimpse not only a renewed plane, but also countless possibilities of missionary flights. 

By the end of this year, we hope that the aircraft will be revitalized, and with the capacity to reach people who live in hard-to-reach places, sharing with them about God’s love.

By God’s grace, every flight and maintenance carried out at our bases in Anápolis, Boa Vista and Porto Velho, with our various aircraft in activity, carrying out missionary flights, will be opportunities to share love, hope and the transforming message of the Gospel, bringing hope to the hearts and communities located in the interior of the Amazon.

May God enable us and may His name be praised and magnified, at all times and places.




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